Overview of coating variants and coating processes

Spezifizierte, kosten-günstige Ti-Beschich-tungen für Implantate

Medicoat is a specialist in thermal spraying technology with a
focus on Focus on plasma spraying.

With the help of coatings, workpiece surfaces are given specific properties that the substrate material does not have.

Through this division of tasks, different stresses can be fulfilled simultaneously. The shape and material of the supports are largely determined by the mechanical properties. The loads from the environment determine the selection criteria for the protective coating and determine the coating process. It is the combination of a material factor with a surface effect, both of which are to be optimised simultaneously.
Modern surface technology is characterised by a multitude of coating processes in an almost unmanageable variety of applications. It starts with a simple coat of paint to visually enhance a surface and ends with complex coating systems on hard metal tools, deposited from the plasma-supported gas phase.
The classification of the different coating processes is best done with the help of the aggregate states of the coating material immediately before the coating formation: gas phase, droplet or solid particle.