Powder Processing

Sieving and filling equipment for metal powder


In our sieving machine we control the particle size distribution and we can separate different powder fractions. By using and monitoring suitable meshes we ensure high reproducibility of our products. Our machines meet highest demands in process quality, explosion control and occupational health.

Besides of our standard powders we can separate specific powder fractions to meet customer demands of a very wide range. If you have defined requirements for powder fractions contact us for a discussion of your demands.


Our filling equipment is highly flexible regarding the dimensions of powder bottles and their weight. It can be adjusted to bottles with different opening diameters and can process even powders with not so good flowability. The filling process is automated which ensures high precision during the filling.

Mixing and homogenisation

Homogenisation of powders before filling them into bottles ensures a reproducible quality of particle size distribution over all single bottles of a lot. This leads to a constantly high quality of our products from first to last bottle. This comprises also powder mixtures. Interested? Contact us for more information!