Spare Parts, Maintenance & Process Optimization

Prozessdia-gnostik: Komponenten zur Prozessopti-mierung & Qualitäts-sicherung

Spare Parts


  • Nozzles
  • Electrodes
  • Powder injectors

Powder Feeder

  • Dosing discs
  • Aspirators and scrapers
  • Suctions pieces and spreaders

Water cooled cables for many plasmatron types

  • APS
  • VPS
  • Torch cable repairs


  • Powder Hoses
  • Gas Hoses

Process Diagnostics: Components for Process Optimization & Quality Assurance


Monitoring and diagnosis of powder flow

The type Flowwatch sensor has been especially developed by Medicoat for monitoring and diagnosing the powder flow in thermal spraying and for laser deposition welding.
Changes in the flow rate or pulsations caused by the powder feed or the powder hoses can be detected as well as monitored reliable.

The Flowwatch sensor is available in various sizes for different powder hose diameters and can be retrofitted into a wide variety of powder feed systems, regardless of the brand.

True Voltage Sensor

Directly connected to the plasmatron.

DC plasma voltage is the key parameter of plasma spraying. The type True Voltage sensor is connected directly to the plasmatron and delivers the real plasma voltage independent of the length and the specific resistance of the water-cooled power cables and their temperature-dependent ohmic losses.
This means that a qualitative statement about the condition of the nozzle and electrode is available at any time.

The True Voltage sensor provides an output signal that represents the real plasma voltage in the range of 0-10VDC.

Powder Switch

Saves resources and costs during the parts change.

The actual spraying times for the components might be very short. In such cases switching off the powder feed is not worthwhile because of the subsequent stabilization of the powder mass flow, which leads to high costs in terms of powder consumption.

This can be avoided with the Medicoat powder switch: The powder flow is not interrupted during the parts change, but the powder material is guided into a separate collection container. This collected powder can then be made available for any further production.

The powder switch is very compact and works service-friendly and largely maintenance-free.

Gas shut-off valve

Wear-free and easy to clean.

As a rule, the powder lines from the coating source (plasmatron, laser) to the powder feeder remain open overnight.
This means that atmospheric oxygen and humidity might get into the powder supply via the powder line. To prevent this, Medicoat has developed a wear-free powder shut-off valve which is very easy to clean.

The shut-off valve can also be retrofitted very easily in the powder conveying line.

Well taken care of

Spezifizierte, kosten-günstige Ti-Beschich-tungen für Implantate

We will support you in getting appropriate spare parts and support even years after your system purchase.

System Periphery

Dust filters

Water cooling systems

Prevent fire or explosion

Reactive and combustible spray dusts are a major problem in thermal spraying and can lead to fires or even explosions in pipelines and filter systems. Medicoat has developed cost-effective inerting systems and fire suppression powders, which use certified evidence to ensure that filter fires and explosions are prevented.





  • We modernize existing systems to increase the service life, production volume and product quality.
  • We stictly meet the latest legal requirements to ensure the supply of spare parts and integrate old coating systems into a modern IT environment (Industry 4.0).