HA: Resorbable abrasives (HAP/TCP for RBM)

HAP/TCP abrasives. What is it about?

Medicoat has developed an resorbable calcium phosphate based abrasive (HAP/TCP) with dense and hard grain size.


Blasting of dental implants, cleaning of 3D printed parts.


  • Complies with standards: ASTM F1185 and F1088
  • Composition : Pure biphasic HA 85% / TCP 15%
  • Particle size : 250-560µm, 160-250µm, 160-400µm ; 75-160µm ; 25-75µm
  • Hard and dense particles suitable for abrasive blasting: typical micro hardness : 500Hv0,05


  • 100% biocompatible media forming an optimal surface morphology
  • Excellent solubility of the grains with gentle chemical treatment: ensuring high surface cleanliness without the risk of contamination by aluminium oxide
  • Achievable roughness range for pure Ti and Ti alloy substrates: Ra > 2.0µm
RBM is manufactured locally in France, allowing Medicoat to customise the properties of the powder, such as grain size distribution, composition, etc., to meet your blasted surface requirements.