Implants Manufacturing

Many years of experience

And expertise in Switzerland and France. For implant manufacturing, our experts are at your disposal.


Our Machinery

Our equipment is composed of various devices used to transform raw materials into finished products, ready to be sold to customers:
  • Traditional and numerically controlled milling machines
  • Traditional and numerically controlled lathes
  • Flat and cylindrical grinding machines
  • Polishing machines
  • Automatic sandblasting machines
  • Manual sandblasting and bead blasting machines
  • Ultrasonic bath washing line
  • Washer/disinfector
  • Plasma coating machines
  • Film and blister packaging machines
  • ISO 6 category clean rooms


With our machinery composed of multiple milling machines, turning machines and mixed machines, we are able to design and manufacture parts from a few millimeters to several centimeters in diameter for turning.

For milling, we are on an order of magnitude of a few centimeters to several tens of square centimeters. Depending on the machine, the accuracy of our work is in the order of a hundredth of a millimeter.

We work for you on metals and plastics for medical use or not. We work for example with stainless steel, titanium, PEEK (polyetheretherketone), polyethylene...



The various polishing machines in our workshop allow us to perform polishing, trimming, light rectification, glossing...

on all types of materials. We mainly deal with complex parts and/or parts from our machining production.

Sandblasting & ultrasonic cleaning

We perform corundum sandblasting operations with one of our two semi-automatic sandblasters. We are also equipped with manual sandblasters allowing us to sandblast your parts with corundum or with glass or ceramic microbeads.

The roughness of the parts leaving the sandblasting machine is regularly tested to ensure the repeatability of the process.

Once the blasting is done, we clean the blasted parts in a succession of ultrasonic baths at different temperatures. This step removes all residual particles from the blasting process that have remained on the parts.

Implant before grit blasting

Before Sandblasting


After Sandblasting

3D printed piece


Our 3D printer allows us to make prototypes and small series in plastic materials including PEEK (Polyetheretherketone).

3D printing makes it possible to produce custom-made prostheses in a much faster and more precise way than by machining them. It also makes it possible to produce complex parts that cannot be manufactured by conventional machining.


Laser Marking

We carry out laser markings on all types of materials. Our devices are able to realize markings of all sizes according to your needs.

The color of the marking is done in black or white, depending on the product's material. The marked area can have a maximum diameter of 180mm.

3D Control

With our 3D control equipment, we can realize the dimensional control of your parts with a precision of 1 micrometer. We can do point by point control and also scanning control.