Vakuumplasma-spritzen (VPS) Anlagen

Vacuum Plasma Spray Systems - VPS


Vacuum plasma spraying, VPS

About the process
In vacuum plasma spraying, an electrical arc is created in a low-pressure atmosphere. Beginning of the process, the atmosphere inside the process chamber is pumped down to a pressure level of below 0.1 mbar. This ensures that reactive gases (oxygen and hydrogen) do not adversely affect the subsequent coating process. As with atmospheric plasma spraying, the spray powder particles are injected into the plasma jet, accelerated and melted. Due to the VPS atmosphere the melted metal particles do not oxidize. In is way high-purity Titanium layers are built up on the surfaces of the implants.

Medicoat creates turnkey VPS systems and components for vacuum plasma spraying - individually adapted to the customer needs.

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Komponenten für Vakuum-plasmaspritzen

Components for Vacuum Plasma Spraying

Process Control

  • Central process control
  • DC power source
  • Ignition box
  • Electrical distributor
  • Visualization
  • Gas control and regulation
  • Video supervision


  • MC-60V
  • MC-63V
  • MC-100
  • …and others

Powder Feeder

  • Disc feeder
  • Flowmotion feeder
  • Securex feeder
  • Flowwatch powder flow sensor
  • Powder hoses and accessories
  • Robots (ABB™, Kuka™)
  • Robot adapted to vacuum condition
  • Linear axes
  • Turntables
  • Carousel systems
  • Multi-station handling


Cooling Techniques

  • Compact water chillers, air-cooled
  • Compact water chillers, water-cooled, possibly with heat recovery
  • Split systems, air-cooled

Atmospheric Dust Filtering System

  • Dry dust filter

Vakuum Technology

  • Process chamber
  • VPS dry filter system
  • Pump system
  • Accesories