Powder Feeders & Safety Funnel

Stand Alone and Integrated Powder Feeding Systems

Medicoat manufactures a wide range of powder feeders for plasma, flame spray as well as for HVOF spray and including laser applications.


Powder Feeder Systems


Twin Type Powder Feeder


Medicoat Disc Feeder


Flowmotion Powder Feeder

Medicoat offers stand alone systems as well as integrated powder supply systems for plasma, flame spray and HVOF spraying as well as for laser applications. Due to different applications and individual powder properties, Medicoat tailors the devices individually to customer needs.
Disc and Flowmotion feeders

Medicoat offers various powder feeder systems based on different feeding methods. The disc type feeder uses a continuously rotation feeding disc to dose the powder. In contrast to this, the type Flowmotion feeder is equipped with a precisely defined vibration movement drive to dose the powder material.

How well do you protect your employees from dangerous powder dust?

Wie gut schützen Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter vor dem gefährlichen Pulverstaub?

With the Medicoat device, filling powder containers becomes a reliable and safe process.

Type SAFU Safety Funnel

Medicoat developed a special filling suction device type SAFU supporting the safe and reliable filling of various powder containers of Flowmotion powder feeders as well as of disc type feeder. The filling funnel is made of stainless steel with polished furfaces and has an integrated suction connection to safely dispose of the dust in the customer's dust filter system. The filling suction device enables safe and clean work and saves additional cleaning effort.

Protect your employees from dangerous powder dust and work with our new device.

Technical characteristics:

Material: stainless steel
Surface treatment: Electropolished
Pipe connection: Ø 42.5 mm