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APS/HVOF/Flame Spray Hybrid Systems

Medicoat provides hybrid spray systems equipped with various thermal spray processes like Plasma, HVOF and/or Flame Spay as well as individual components - each well adapted to the customer requirements.
What is this procedure about?
Components often require a complementary coating consisting of a base and a top layer. Such coatings often require a combination of various thermal spray processes. Medicoat hybrid systems allow such coating combinations produced in one single plant with only one fully automated high end coating system.
The various thermal spray processes use the same system control and components, which significantly reduces the overall costs.

HVOF Systems

Turnkey HVOF systems as well as various HVOF components are created in series production. Individually adapted to the respective customer needs.

Special features

Central to an HVOF process is the production of high-quality coatings. Each HVOF system is designed to produce extremely high particle velocities in order to produce very dense and low-oxide coatings with exceptional velocities and properties. Medicoat offers various HVOF systems that use both, liquid fuel as well as various combustible gases to generate the thermal energy needed for the spray process.


Medicoat also supports various existing system components of other brands or system components that are in use for many years. With a retrofit many of such components can be brought back to state-of-the-art. Typically a Medicoat retrofit safes costs and secures existing knowledge.

Cold Plasma APS Systems

Description of procedure

The cold plasma spraying process allows spraying with a wide range of low-melting materials. Due to abrasive wear many of these materials could not be processed with cold gas spraying.


Typical cold plasma applications are copper, aluminium, glass and nickel coatings, including on low-melting plastics. For example, for conductor tracks and shielding surfaces for electronics.

Cold Gas Systems

Special feature

Medicoat supplies cold gas spray systems for pressures of up to 10 bar and temperatures of up to 900°C. The application rate is up to 100g/min.

The Medicoat cold gas spray system is designed to be able to use existing typical infrastructures in a production facility. Expensive gas generators are not required, for example, which also enables mobile use for repair work.


Flowmotion Powder Feed Systems

New promotional concept in thermal spraying

With the Flowmotion powder feed technology, Medicoat offers a new and unique feeding concept in thermal spraying, as well as for laser deposition welding. The system is largely maintenance-free and uses no wearing parts at all. Neither scrapers, suction devices nor metering disks are used. Due to a clean design, the feeder is easy to handle and easy to clean. The possibility of powder material contaminations are reduced to an absolute minimum.

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Components for process optimization and quality assurance

Learn more about the possibilities of monitoring, diagnosting or redirecting the powder mass flow here.
Are you looking for sensors for measuring the DC plasma voltage directly at the plasmatron? Or do you need a suitable shut-off valve so that no atmospheric oxygen or moisture can get into your powder supply?
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Spezifizierte, kosten-günstige Ti-Beschich-tungen für Implantate

Medicoat supplies turnkey systems including the appropriate accessories such as powder, spare parts and maintenance options - adapted to the respective requirements.