Coating Development

Coating development for implants

Antibacterial coatings

Coating development for industrial applications


Thanks to our long-lasting experience, we develop coatings with new properties according to the needs of our customers. We have an excellent network and regularly cooperate with university partners in our research and development projects.

Coating development for implants

In our coating portfolio we have a wide variety of plasma spray coatings for bone integration based on titanium and/or hydroxyapatite (HA) coatings for vacuum plasma spraying (VPS) or atmospheric plasma spraying (APS).

We are constantly developing our medical coatings further and develop new types of coatings in close cooperation with our customers.


We work on innovative concepts for new coatings such as a biomimetic calcium phosphate layer for dental implants.

Antibacterial layers

Infections are a major cause of implant loss during the healing phase after implantation, especially in compromised patients such as tumor patients. We perform research on implant coatings with antibacterial properties combined with excellent bone integration properties.


HA coatings with embedded silver ions
calcium hydroxide coatings

Coating development for industrial applications

We are able to develop coatings for a wide variety of industrial applications thanks to our own test facility (APS). For example, we have many years of experience in coating various substrates with copper based coatings.