Ideology Quality Management


"I consider the most important part of my job to be constantly optimizing processes while at the same time incorporating quality as a value as a matter of course"

– Tobias Rodenhausen, Head of Quality Management

Quality as a self-conception

Quality as a result of high goals and sincere effort of each employee

A functioning process is the sequence of defined, well-coordinated activities to create a product. This can only be achieved if each employee involved assumes personal responsibility. Permanent self-control is essential. At Medicoat, we emphasize the importance of independent, self-critical and self-confident action. Under this fundamental condition a trustful interaction in the team is successful.

Planned, easily accessible and understandable process instructions

A comprehensible process instruction is the written mapping of the entire process. It shall make sure that the product complies with the requirements. To enable smooth implementation, the process instruction is written in a comprehensible manner and made easily accessible to the employees.

Continuous improvement, our DNA of quality

In the common continuous improvement models PDCA and DMAIC, the time factor is unfortunately not an element. The circle of continuous improvement is closed after the first turn, the project is declared completed. But where is the continuous improvement?
If we actually let the circles turn steadily, like a screw, progress depends on three factors: On the pitch of the screw, on the speed of rotation and the number of revolutions. As long as the screw is turning, the three factors should be specifically controlled and directly adapted to the circumstances - in order to achieve the best possible forward progress.

This is where the quality DNA of the Medicoat becomes apparent:

Controlled and balanced forward movement, as a constant improvement, today.


We place high quality standards, also in the laboratory

For quality assurance


"My job is to solve problems, optimize processes and support employees to avoid any errors."

– Mehmet Yalin, Quality Assurance Manager